LOCKE (2013): When Creative Restrictions Pay Off

Locke (2013), Tom Hardy
Locke (2013), Tom Hardy

You have to go into Locke with the mindset of someone who knows that this will be a different kind of film. The type with self-imposed parameters to explore what is creatively possible.

Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) is a desperate man amid a balancing act between trying to sort out his personal life while also attempting to salvage the remainder of his professional integrity. The most intriguing part of it all being, all the drama takes place inside his car.

The audience gets to see Ivan causing immense distress with phone call after phone call. But what proves even more interesting are the silences and the dialogue he has with himself.

Those aware of Hardy’s well-documented acting prowess will want to watch this. As will enthusiasts of Colin Farrell’s Phone Booth (2002); another movie that kept audiences engaged, regardless of the single location setting.

Locke will likely cause you to reflect on a few things as it plays. One is the quality of the relationships you have with your colleagues, friends and acquaintances. 

Make time for Locke because it’s impressive. And Hardy’s performance is likely to turn you into a life long fan; in case you weren’t already.

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