THE DROP (2014): It’s Good People. It’s Good

The Drop (2014), Tom Hardy
The Drop (2014), Tom Hardy

Starring two spectacular screen talents in the shape of the late James Gandolfini and British Actor Tom Hardy, The Drop is an expertly executed film.

The Drop (2014), James Gandolfini
The Drop (2014), James Gandolfini

In the dark and grim criminal underworld of Brooklyn New York – where Director Michaël R. Roskam’s movie is set, there’s a brilliant stillness. A certain calm, both within particular characters and what is conveyed atmospherically. Not to say that there isn’t plenty going on here – because there is.

The musical score does a great job of perfectly conveying the many tense and gripping predicaments in which the characters find themselves.

I found myself more than thrilled to be watching Hardy and Gandolfini sharing screen time – perhaps even as thrilled as I imagine both Actors might have been to be working together.

Watch it because true masters are at work and it’s great story. You might even find yourself wondering if it has ever been easier to like the ‘bad guy.’

Happy The Drop 🙂


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