MORTDECAI (2015): The Thing I Loved

Mortdecai (2015), Johnny Depp
Mortdecai (2015), Johnny Depp

I remember being very excited after seeing the Mordecai teaser trailer in late 2014, for reasons including very promising dialogue and Johnny Depp.

What I didn’t anticipate is that upon seeing the David Koepp directed movie, my favourite thing about it would be the aerial shot special effects for the film’s various locations.

Why this particular response? It’s the overcooked accents that spoilt the experience really. Not to say that everything else about the movie is great, mind you. It may simply be the case that Charlie Mordecai’s particular brand of eccentricity is really just  best enjoyed in small doses. I.e. the movie’s fun trailer.

Am I missing something? Did anyone absolutely love it?

Happy Film Loving, though, for me, I guess not in this case :-(…  :-)


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