BETWEEN US (2017): The Thing I Liked…

Between Us (2017), Olivia Thirlby, Ben Feldman
Between Us (2017), Olivia Thirlby, Ben Feldman

Written and directed by Rafael Palacio Illingworth, Between Us is an engaging enough story. A story about a young couple concerned with all that they’ll leave behind after getting married. And so just like that, tempting possibilities start to present themselves.

Overall, I enjoyed the execution of Between Us as a realistic telling of a young couple’s experience of the challenges that come with societal pressures and personal expectations on relationships. The film’s stars Ben Feldman, Olivia Thirlby, Adam Goldberg and Analeigh Tipton all deliver good performances.

The things I didn’t much enjoy include, firstly, the close-ups that became uncomfortable and annoying quite quickly. Secondly, the ’husband and wife’ chant that went on far longer than it needed to. In my mind five chants would have been more than enough; even if their sole purpose was to communicate the awkward and definitely uncomfortable stage of the couple’s relationship. Last but absolutely not least, the music. It was, in the most part, very bad – in my opinion. Nevertheless, I still have no regrets about watching Between Us. Would I recommend the movie? Maybe, and most likely only to someone who wanted to know a few of the kind of things I find annoying in movies, but that’s really it.

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