SURVIVORS GUIDE TO PRISON (2018): A Worthy Hour & Forty Two Minutes…

Survivor’s Guide To Prison (2018), Danny Trejo
Survivor’s Guide To Prison (2018), Danny Trejo

Written / directed by Matthew Cooke, Survivor’s Guide To Prison does cover some truths I was already aware of, thanks to a few TV shows and movies I’ve seen. It also opened my eyes to new facts I hadn’t even thought about. New truths presented by and featuring people of various backgrounds who have valuable inside knowledge about how things often work from the moment you’re arrested through to prison, guilty or not.

As expected, ‘depressing’ is the word for the truth that’s presented in Survivor’s Guide To Prison. You’ll probably need some strength and faith (as I did) to make it to the hopeful bit towards the end. The bit where Cooke’s film shows us that as messed up as the system is and my goodness, it really, really is messed up – specially if you’re a person of colour and not rich; necessary change is possible and though seemingly very slow, change is happening.

When the end of the assault on my faith in humanity finally came, besides wanting change to come much, MUCH sooner, I wished that Survivor’s Guide To Prison showed more examples of organisations and people who are doing all they can to affect change. That likely would have made me feel that little bit more hopeful.

If the message wasn’t already clear, watch it because the stories are compelling and because then you’ll have the knowledge which you’ll hopefully never personally need – like insurance but better.

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