SKYSCRAPER (2018): The Things I Liked…

Skyscraper (2018), Dwayne Johnson
Skyscraper (2018), Dwayne Johnson

I definitely enjoyed Skyscraper much more than I expected to and part of the reason is that I feel Dwayne Johnson acted well in his role as Will Ford; an assessor of the security of skyscrapers who finds himself framed when suddenly the safest building in the world (The Pearl) is ablaze.

Written / directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, I liked the story, the pace and the fact that I was engaged throughout. The action sequences were thrilling which meant I had so much fun overall that I maybe almost didn’t notice, the unbelievability of the number of near death scenarios that Ford and his family seemed to conveniently escape.

Another thing that stood out for me as Skyscraper played is how much the young actors playing Ford’s kids looked like they could actually be Johnson’s children. I also noticed how little they looked like Ford’s wife (Neve Campbell). Lastly, I was surprised to find myself less annoyed by the instances of product placement than I usually would be. In fact, I doubt that I can think of Skyscraper in the future without remembering the product in question.

In addition to thoroughly thrilling me, Skyscraper now has me wanting to visit Hong Kong even sooner than previously planned. Before you start worrying though, I promise I’m very much aware that The Pearl isn’t real.

Also starring Pablo Schreiber, Roland Møller and Chin Han; watch it for the thrills and so you can see how far Johnson has come as an Actor.

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3 thoughts on “SKYSCRAPER (2018): The Things I Liked…”

  1. Hmm I saw the trailer for this and wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it, I’m not a big fan of Dwayne Johnson but he does seem to be getting better at acting, doesn’t he?

    Also cool that the kids actually look related to him – it helps!

    1. I’ve been a fan of Johnson ever since my brother forced me to watch him wrestle when he was The Rock. 🤓 He really has improved and the first sign of the improvement for me was in his HBO show Ballers.

      In San Andreas (2015), Johnson looks nothing like his daughter who’s played by Alexandra Daddario but Carla Gugino and Daddario look very much like mother and daughter. It really is great and helpful when casting gets it right. 🤓

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