JURASSIC WORLD (2015): The Things I Liked…

Jurassic World (2018), Chris Pratt
Jurassic World (2018), Chris Pratt

Besides reminding me to be grateful that humans no longer share planet earth with dinosaurs, Jurassic World has officially awakened me to Chris Pratt’s super charismatic magic. A magic when combined with a good script among other key elements, the result is a very entertaining movie.

I’ve never been especially into dinosaurs myself but director Colin Trevorrow’s movie really is a fun ride. One that features a good number of wow moments. Impressive moments courtesy of great special effects and a beautiful overall visual style.

Also starring Bryce Dallas Howard and Nick Robinson, Jurassic World is set on the original site of Jurassic Park where a genetically modified hybrid dinosaur has now been created. The films true action really begins when said dinosaur escapes and commences a very well-captured killing spree.

My overall favourite thing about this movie is pretty much every scene featuring Pratt. You know, on account of his charisma as well as good dialogue. There’s also all the scenes featuring talented and adorable young actor Ty Simpkins who plays Gray.

As for the things that spoilt this movie just a little for me, there’s the scene where Gray and his  brother Zack (Robinson) are able to light a match even though I could have sworn that matches are impossible to light when wet. Did I perhaps miss a part where it was revealed that the matches were contained in a waterproof case? The second thing I didn’t quite buy into is Pratt and Dallas Howard’s characters as a couple. On the other hand, there are many unexpected couples in real life too, so…

You’ve likely already seen this movie but if not, do so for the fun ride, shooting style, that Pratt magic and especially if you love / or once loved dinosaurs.

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