LITTLE MISS SUMO (2019): New Trailer For documentary About Female Sumo Wrestling Champion Hiyori Kon…

Little Miss Sumo (2019), Hiyori, Netflix
Little Miss Sumo (2019), Hiyori, Netflix

Starring female sumo wrestling champion Hiyori Kon, Little Miss Sumo is a new Matt Kay directed documentary about fighting tradition.

Knowing that existing rules require Hiyori to retire at 21, undeterred, she takes on the task of confronting obstacles both inside and outside the ring in an attempt to help change Japan’s national sport forever…

‘…until the third grade, I never lost a match, not even against the boys.’

I want to learn more about Hiyori’s life in Japan and the existing arguments against a women’s competition. Arguments I expect are in no way justified.

Fingers crossed for an ending with a fair amount hope for existing and future aspiring female sumo wrestlers.

Little Miss Sumo Release Dates: October 28th, 2019 (US) / Netflix…

Happy Film Loving


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