FROZEN 2 (2019): The Things I Liked…

Frozen 2 (2019), Walt Disney Pictures
Frozen 2 (2019), Walt Disney Pictures

As a non-enthusiast when it comes to musical films, the main reason I wanted to see Frozen 2 had zero to do with the music. I was curious because of the animation style – especially when it comes to Elsa and her beautiful outfits. It turns out that both her style and the way she’s animated are favourite things overall about Frozen 2.

Directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck’s film became most engaging for me approximately one hour in. This is precisely at the point when Elsa’s ’water action’ sequence begins. A time when I finally felt like something truly exciting to watch was actually happening. Before this point, I was being disappointed and a tad annoyed. I lie. I was more than a tad annoyed by the seemingly unexciting musical numbers and Anna’s ability to jump to conclusions when Kristoff was trying to ask her ‘the question.’

Frozen 2 (2019), Walt Disney Pictures
Frozen 2 (2019), Walt Disney Pictures

There are a few somewhat pleasantly moving moments here and there, especially in regards to Elsa and Anna’s sisterly relationship. Yet some of these moments ended up feeling a tad forced.

I’d definitely say that it’s after the one hour mark that Frozen 2 becomes fun. Unsurprising since my two favourite moments happen after the one hour mark. One of them being the one musical moment that grabbed my attention in a good way – at precisely one minute into Iduna’s Scarf.

Disney and musical fans will have the best time with this. I’m only one of those things. I therefore find myself glad that Elsa and Iduna’s Scarf were there to get me through.

Watch it if you’re curious.

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