BE WATER (2020): New Trailer For Documentary About Bruce Lee…

Be Water (2020), Bruce Lee
Be Water (2020), Bruce Lee

Charting his struggles in two worlds, Be Water is a new documentary about Hong Kong American actor, director, martial artist and philosopher Bruce Lee. Be water focuses on Lee’s life particularly after he was rejected by Hollywood and so returned to Hong Kong to complete four films.

Directed by Bao Nguyen, Be Water explores questions of identity and representation, through archive footage, intimate interviews and Lee’s own writings.

I haven’t watched many martial arts movies; well, except Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker’s Rush Hour action/comedies. Yet, I never needed to in order for me to be aware of Bruce Lee.

Lee is after all one of the major cultural icons of the twentieth century, and my brother has been a fan ever since his first Bruce Lee movie.

Be shapeless, formless, like water‘ is one of Lee’s most famous quotes. I look forward to finding out the ways in which he applied ‘be water’ and other philosophies in his unfortunately short life.

Be Water Release Dates: June 7th, 2020 (US)…

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