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I’m a passionate so and so who is unconditionally in love with film. This of course means that I can talk about the subject ceaselessly and without taking all the necessary breaths. So…

I write about the movies I love as well as the ones I end up not loving so much and why. I often hone in on why certain films are so great or not and aim to convey their value from my perspective,  usually beyond the function of entertainment.

I adore movie trailers, especially good ones that don’t give away too much of the plot. The trailers I tend to feature here usually have me anywhere from rather intrigued to super excited. One of the films I can’t wait to see in 2017 is Wonder Woman. Reason being,  the Comic Con trailer is just excellent, much better than the one for Justice League if you ask me.

About SPOILERS, I avoid them because I believe that a healthy amount of surprise is vital for the enjoyment of a movie. In the event that I mention anything I myself would consider a potential spoiler, I’ll certainly provide ample warning before mentioning the thing in question. Rest assured though, this happens very rarely indeed.

I really hope you enjoy what you find here. In the mean time, my social media presences are: >  Facebook: Facebook.com/TheMovieMyLife | Twitter: @TMML | Instagram: @TheMovieMyLife 

For business, press and media inquiries, please reach me at themoviemylife@gmail.com. Until next time, dear reader…

Happy Film Loving 🙂

G  > (Gloria, a.k.a. Gia Dreams)


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