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Keith Richards - Under The Influence (2015), Keith Richards
Keith Richards – Under The Influence (2015), Keith Richards

I know who Keith Richards is because of The Rolling Stones and and their music. I’m also British.

Those familiar with Richards will likely agree that to say the very least, he’s quite an intriguing character and Netflix clearly agree…

Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow from The Pirates Of The Caribbean movies is inspired by Richards. What a good job Depp did.

Available on Netflix September 18th 2015.

Happy Keith Richards – Under The Influence 🙂


THE PROGRAM (2015): New Trailer For Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal Biopic

The Program (2015), Ben Foster
The Program (2015), Ben Foster

Ben Foster, Chris O’Dowd and Guillaume Canet are the stars of the Stephen Frears latest. The Program is the film adaptation of former road racing cyclist, Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace.

I actually wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about the first trailer when it was released a few months ago. Reasons included doubts as to whether Foster actually sounds like Armstrong. I’m still not convinced that he really does but this new trailer is definitely better…

I don’t feel quite quite ready for a movie version of a story that was only recently told by the documentary, The Armstrong Lie (2013). However, I’m presuming it will be interesting to see dramatisations of events we’ve so far only been told about. Foster will likely do a good job of portraying Armstrong even if I feel like he didn’t get the voice quite right.

The Program (2015), Chris O'Dowd
The Program (2015), Chris O’Dowd

I’m most looking forward to seeing Irish actor Chris O’Dowd excel in a serious dramatic role. Until then…

Dustin Hoffman, Jesse Plemons Elaine Cassidy and Bryan Greenberg also star.

Release Date (s): October 16th 2015 (UK & US)

Happy The Program 🙂


ALOHA (2015): The Good & Bad Things

Aloha (2015), Bradley Cooper
Aloha (2015), Bradley Cooper

Just before I saw the trailer for Aloha, starring Bradley Cooper, I was very much on a high after watching his deservedly Best Actor, Oscar nominated performance in American Sniper (2014).

The Aloha trailer didn’t look terrible, though some of the dialogue didn’t sit as well as one would have liked. As I watched the movie a few months later, the unfortunate truth of the dialogue did come to be, because there I was cringing in parts.

I found the romance between Emma Stone’s character and Brian Gilcrest (Bradley Cooper) a tad forced and unconvincing. It didn’t help that Stone’s character was also rather annoying.

In director, Cameron Crowe’s efforts to capture the seemingly laid back pace of Hawaii, the pace of the movie suffered.

Aloha (2015), Danny McBride, Bradley Cooper
Aloha (2015), Danny McBride, Bradley Cooper

The few beautiful shots of Hawaii’s landscape in the beginning and all the scenes that feature Danny McBride are my favourite things. There were a few other good moments but not significant enough to make Aloha good or worth watching.

It’s all a big shame considering a very talented cast list that includes Rachel McAdams, John Krasinski, Bill Murray and Alec Baldwin.

Happy film loving. Now go and enjoy Silver Linings Playbook (2012) and / or Jerry Maguire (1996) 🙂


FOREVER (2015): Unsettling New Trailer From Tatia Pilieva, Starring Deborah Ann Woll

Forever (2015), Deborah Ann Woll
Forever (2015), Deborah Ann Woll

Tatia Pilieva is new to me. She’s also director of this absorbing new trailer…

As I watched this trailer I found myself more and more unsettled. The seemingly scariest thing being the idea that Alice, the young investigative reporter is about to be ‘turned.’ The camera work, editing and music work perfectly.

The main cast includes Deborah Ann Woll, Ioan Gruffudd, John Diehl, Luke Grimes and Shanola Hampton.

Release Date (s): September 25th at Laemmle Music Hall 3 in Beverly Hills, CA. Further details of a wider release to be confirmed.

Happy Forever 🙂


JAMES WHITE (2015): New Trailer With Christopher Abbot & Cynthia Nixon

James White (2015), Christopher Abbott
James White (2015), Christopher Abbott

James White is a promising new movie starring Christopher Abbot, Cynthia Nixon, Ron Livingston and Scott Mescudi. The protagonist is a young man struggling with self destructive behaviour…

I, like many have enjoyed the work of both Abbott and Nixon in their previous hit TV shows, Girls and Sex And The City, respectively. That fact combined with this intriguing trailer and Josh Mond’s direction… Well…

Release date(s): November 13th 2015 (US)

Happy James White 🙂


PARTISAN (2015): New Dark And Promising Trailer Starring Vincent Cassel

Partisan (2015), Vincent Cassel
Partisan (2015), Vincent Cassel

Vincent Cassel’s new movie looks very interesting…

Will the young boy played by Jeremy Chabriel come to see that Gregory was indeed right? I’m thinking, yes. But certainly not about everything.

Happy Partisan 🙂


A BALLERINA’S TALE (2015): New Trailer For Misty Copeland Documentary

A Ballerina's Tale (2015), Misty Copeland
A Ballerina’s Tale (2015), Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland, a classical ballet Dancer who on June 30, 2015 became the first black woman to be promoted to principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre is the subject of a new documentary…

Directed by Nelson George, A Ballerina’s Story covers Copeland’s impressive rise and all the challenges she faced throughout.

Fingers crossed that this documentary turns out well. Either way, with a figure so inspiring, of course I’ve already near enough exhausted the internet in my desire to know more about this amazing female.

The following Under Armour campaign from 2014 is the reason many who aren’t involved in the world of ballet know the name Misty Copeland; myself included.


Happy A Ballerina’s Tale 🙂


OUR BRAND IS CRISIS (2015): Sandra Bullock In New Political Comedy/ Drama

Our Brand Is Crisis (2015), Sandra Bullock, Anthony Mackie
Our Brand Is Crisis (2015), Sandra Bullock, Anthony Mackie

The trailer for Sandra Bullock’s new movie, Our Brand Is Crisis just landed…

David Gordon Green, a man I know of because he directed one of my favourite movies, Pineapple Express (2008) is in charge.

Really looking forward to this, mainly because of Bullock but also Zoe Kazan, an actress/ writer I love because she’s the reason for the existence of the movie Ruby Sparks (2012).

Anthony Mackie and Billy Bob Thornton also star.

Release Date (s): October 30th 2015 (US)

Happy Our Brand Is Crisis 🙂