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TRUMBO (2015): New Trailer With Bryan Cranston As Hollywood Screenwriter Dalton Trumbo

Trumbo (2015), Bryan Cranston
Trumbo (2015), Bryan Cranston

A new trailer arrives for a movie about the movie business in the 1940s…

Directed by Jay Roach; Bryan Cranston, Helen Mirren, Louis C.K., Diane Lane and John Goodman are all great reasons to watch. Other reasons include all the beautiful words / dialogue, including the following…

Nobody has the right to tell you how to write, act, pray, speak, vote, protest, love work, create, talk, live or  think

Happy Trumbo 🙂

Release dates 6th November 2015 (U.S.), 22nd January 2016 (U.K.)


UNBROKEN (2014): A Note On How to Achieve The Impossible, Starring Jack O’Connell

Unbroken (2014), Jack O'Connell
Unbroken (2014), Jack O’Connell

When I saw the trailer for Unbroken in 2014, I became very excited; first because I love Angelina Jolie. Second because Jack O’Connell is one of my recent favourite Actors (he was brilliant in Starred Up (20013) and lastly, the Louis Zamperini story.

Directed by Jolie and with British O’Connell in the starring role, Unbroken is the story of a man (Zamperini) who overcame one seemingly insurmountable obstacle after another.

Zamperini’s story of physical and mental endurance began well before the near fatal plane crash in WW2 that changed the course of his life.

Unbroken (2014), John D'Leo, C.J. Valleroy
Unbroken (2014), John D’Leo, C.J. Valleroy

It is in fact the very vital relationship he had with his family, namely his big brother, Pete, that really helped prepare him for every extraordinary thing he was  able to accomplish in the years that followed.

That goodness for the people who add immeasurable value in the way they encourage and believe in our capabilities, especially when we don’t.

The screenplay was penned by the Cohen brothers, Joel and Ethan, so clearly the film had everything going for it from writers, cast, crew and beyond.

The performances that stick in my mind come from O’Connell, of corse and Miyavi who plays the character of Sergeant Watanabe. Garrett Hedlund, Domhnall Gleeson and Jai Courtney also do a great job

If you haven’t already watched Unbroken, know that it’s a brilliant story of extraordinary strength of the human spirit. One that is so well told that you’ll be glad you had the chance to learn about Mr Zamperini.

As if I needed more reasons to love Angelina Jolie!

Happy Unbroken 🙂


EXPERIMENTER (2015): Time To Think About How Good You Are At Obeying Authority

Experimenter (2015), Winona Ryder, Peter Sarsgaard
Experimenter (2015), Winona Ryder, Peter Sarsgaard

Based on the work of real life social psychologist Stanley Milgram, Experimenter focuses on the 1961 radical behavior experiments that Milgram carried out, in order to test the ordinary person’s willingness to obey authority.

With  Peter Sarsgaard, John Leguizamo, Winona Ryder and Anton Yelchin as the leading cast, I’m excited to see  how this intriguing true story plays out.

Happy Experimenter 🙂


LEGEND (2015): Thank You, Super Trailer Maker!

Legend (2015), Tom Hardy
Legend (2015), Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy’s Legend has a great new trailer.

This third version is so well put together that you’re not going to be happy when it’s over. Sounds like an odd thing to say… until you realise that it’s only July and the release date is in two to three months time.

Impatiently goes the wait to witness the extraordinary transformation of Mr Hardy, great British humour and that good, good music.

Happy Legend 🙂


JOY (2015): New Trailer For Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper Drama

Joy (2015), Jennifer Lawrence
Joy (2015), Jennifer Lawrence

‘Find people you like working with and work with them whenever possible’.

These are words that probably came out of acclaimed Director David O. Russell’s mouth at some point, for here comes another movie starring his two favourite Actors, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. Add Robert De Niro and you’ve got the cast of Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

Joy is the story of a family across four generations and the woman that rises to become founder and matriarch of a powerful family business dynasty.

Based on the trailer, it definitely looks filled with trying times for the family but I’m looking forward to seeing Jennifer Lawrence’s character make sweet, sweet lemonade out of it all.

Happy Joy 🙂


STEVE JOBS (2015): Time For The Michael Fassbender Interpretation

Steve Jobs (2015), Kate Winslet, Michael Fassbender
Steve Jobs (2015), Kate Winslet, Michael Fassbender

Two of my favourite UK Actors, Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet star in the story of Apple cofounder, Steve Jobs.

Like many, I’m already very aware of the story of the celebrated visionary, but of course I’ll watch the film, if only just take in the artistry of the Actors, the magic of dialogue king/ screen writer, Aaron Sorkin and Director Danny Boyle.

Another highlight is the appearance of one of my favourite funny men, Seth Rogen in another serious role, this time as the other half of the Apple founding team, Steve Wozniak.

Now? The trailer…

Release Date (s): October 23rd (US), November 13th (UK).

Happy Steve Jobs 🙂


LISTEN TO ME MARLON (2015): Excellent Trailer For Marlon Brando Documentary

Listen To Me Marlon (2015), Marlon Brando
Listen To Me Marlon (2015), Marlon Brando

Stevan Riley has directed a documentary about Marlon Brando and the trailer looks fantastic.

Amongst other great roles, Brando is the man responsible for doing an exceptional job of bringing Author Mario Puzo’s character of The Godfather to life in the Francis Ford Coppola directed 1972 classic of the same name.

I know that Listen To Me Marlon is going to be great, especially for lovers of documentary film / biographies, fans of very talented Actors, those curious about the human condition and of course, the brilliance of Marlon Brando himself.

I really can’t wait to see it and congratulations to the person responsible for this trailer, for it is truly excellent!

Happy Listen To Me Marlon 🙂


THE WALK (2015): Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Philippe Petitte

THE WALK (2015), Joseph Gordon-Levitt
THE WALK (2015), Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The trailer is out for the new Robert Zemeckis film based on French High-Wire Artist Philippe Petit. The Walk has an international cast led by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and includes Ben Kingsley,  Charlotte Le Bon, James Badge Dale and Ben Schwartz.

What lies ahead is an exciting risk taking adventure. Though I don’t know if I’ll be able to completely suspend my disbelief when it comes to the French accent.

Still, somehow the story of a man who chooses to walk on a wire from great heights, and without any safety precautions is probably interesting enough to convince me. That is unless I opt for the 2008 documentary, Man on Wire instead.

Happy The Walk 🙂