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ADULT BEGINNERS (2014): I watched For The Comedy & Adult Sibling Relationship Dynamic

Adult Beginners (2014), Caleb/ Matthew Paddock, Nick Kroll, Rose Byrne
Adult Beginners (2014), Caleb/ Matthew Paddock, Nick Kroll, Rose Byrne

The Ross Katz directed and rather aptly named comedy/ drama, Adult Beginners stars funny man Nick Kroll, Australian actress Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale.

If you’re open to a story about adult sibling relationships, starting again after losing everything, and getting your priorities in order, then Adult Beginners is interesting, though never too demanding.

The writing, chemistry between the three leads and the way the camera captures the lives of the characters makes for very believable and real situations. As for how engaging it all is, the phrase ‘incredibly engrossing’ definitely doesn’t fit.

As for the comedy, most of it will make you smile and 2 or three times you may laugh out loud. My interest in seeing Kroll in a somewhat serious role is why I watched. It also  helped that the always reliable Byrne and Cannavale were involved.

Joel McHale, Jane Krakowski, Caitlin Fitzgerald and Jason Mantzoukas also star.

Happy Adult Beginners 🙂


THE INTERN (2015): New From Robert De Niro. Trailer 2, Definitely Better

The Intern (2015), Anne Hathaway, Robert De Niro
The Intern (2015), Anne Hathaway, Robert De Niro

Writer/ Director Nancy Meyers’ new movie The Intern stars Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway…

I didn’t write about the first trailer because it didn’t have me excited. But the latest one is definitely preferable. It’s the young female entrepreneur element that appeals to me most. That and the generally trustworthy cast that includes Rene Russo.

Happy The intern 🙂


HELL & BACK (2015): New Trailer For Fun Comedy Set In Hell

Hell And Back (2015), Nick Swardson (Remy), T.J. Miller (Augie)
Hell And Back (2015), Nick Swardson (Remy), T.J. Miller (Augie)

So this looks wonderfully nuts 😀

This Tom Gianas and Ross Shuman directed fun fest is out October 2015.

The cast includes comedy favourites T.J. Miller, Danny McBride, Michael Pena, Mila Kunis, Susan Sarandon and Jennifer Coolidge.

Happy Hell & Back 🙂


MAGIC MIKE (2012): First For The Spectacle, Then The Story

Magic Mike (2012) Matt Bomer, Channing Tatum, Adam Rodriguez,  Joe Manganiello
Magic Mike (2012) Matt Bomer, Channing Tatum, Adam Rodriguez, Joe Manganiello

A film about male strippers with Channing Tatum in the leading role isn’t something that’s particularly easy to ignore; even when you suspect that it may not be amazing.

The first time I watched the Steven Soderbergh directed story about a male stripper with a plan, I have to admit, I was probably too distracted by the dance moves and baby oil.

It was during the second viewing a few years later that I found myself appreciating Soderbergh’s vision a little more. Not to say that the film is now in my list of favourites because it did feel a tad long. However, this time round the lead character’s story and internal struggle is the thing I paid attention to and I’m glad I did.

Magic Mike (2012), Matthew McConaughey, Gabriel Iglesias
Magic Mike (2012), Matthew McConaughey, Gabriel Iglesias

Matthew McConaughey is very entertaining as Dallas; the seasoned male stripper in charge. Joe Manganiello, Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer, Adam Rodriguez, Cody Horn and Olivia Munn also star.

I can’t say that I’ve heard great things about the sequel, Magic Mike XXL (2015). But what you hear all depends on who’s asked and what motivated them to watch.

Happy Magic Mike 🙂


DAD’S ARMY (2016): Great British Humour in New Trailer Starring Catherine Zeta-Jones & Bill Nighy

Dad's Army (2016), Catherine Zeta-Jones
Dad’s Army (2016), Catherine Zeta-Jones

A film version of classic British sitcom, Dad’s Army has been made and the following teaser of a trailer looks promising…

Teaser Trailer

Trailer 2

Starring Catherine Zeta-Jones,  Bill Nighy, Toby Jones and Michael Gambon, I have a feeling that the magic of the TV series will remain intact.

Dad’s Army Release Date (s): February 5th, 2016 (US & UK)…

Happy Film Loving 🙂


2 GUNS (2013): Denzel Washington & Mark Wahlberg Star In Fun Buddy Cop Movie.

2 Guns (2013), Denzel Washington, MarkWahlberg, Fried Chicken
2 Guns (2013), Denzel Washington, MarkWahlberg, Fried Chicken

The chemistry between Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington is the reason why 2 Guns is quite the thrill ride.

Directed by Baltasar Kormákur, you’ll enjoy the the action, humour, the buddy cop dynamic and Bill Paxton’s intense and terrifying turn as Earl.

Edward James Olmos, James Marsden, Robert John Burke and Paula Patton also star.

A very memorable moment is when Wahlberg’s character reveals who one of the bad guys reminds him of. I heard the words as I watched movie in the cinema/ theatre. The observation is so correct and well delivered that it stayed in my mind for the rest of the movie.

Watch it because it’s good.

Happy 2 Guns 🙂


RIDE ALONG 2 (2016): Kevin Hart & Ice Cube Return In New Trailer

Ride Along 2 (2016), Kevin Hart, Ice Cube, Olivia Munn
Ride Along 2 (2016), Kevin Hart, Ice Cube, Olivia Munn

The trailer for the sequel to Ride Along (2014) is here. Watch it for at least two laugh out loud moments…

I enjoy Hart most in his standup comedy  and I’ll be watching this because of the two great comedy moments in this trailer. I’m also hoping like crazy, that there’s more good stuff where that came from.

Directed by Tim Story; Olivia Munn, Kevin Jeong and Benjamin Bratt also star.

Release Date (s): January 15th, 2016 (2016) January 22nd, 2016 (UK)…

Happy Ride Along 2 🙂


BURNT (2015): Bradley Cooper Is A Troubled Chef In Dramatic New Trailer

Burnt (2015), Bradley Cooper
Burnt (2015), Bradley Cooper

A new chef movie is on the way for 2015…

Starring Bradley Copper, Omar Sy, Emma Thompson, Sienna Miller and Lilly James, to name just a few, the   story centres around Adam Jones (Cooper) who movies to London to to start afresh after some bad decisions.

The trailer looks good and dramatic. Peculiarly, IMDb has categorised the film as a comedy. Interesting…

Happy Burnt 🙂