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JANIS – LITTLE GIRL BLUE (2015): New Trailer For Janis Joplin Documentary

Janis - Little Girl blue (2015), Janis Joplin
Janis – Little Girl blue (2015), Janis Joplin

Before knowing any of her music, Janis Joplin is a name I’m familiar with for being one of those truly gifted and simultaneously tortured musical artists. She, like Curt Cobain, Jimmy Hendrix and most recently Amy Winehouse, all passed away at just 27.

Janis, Little Girl Blue is directed by Amy Berg and delves into what it was that made Joplin great as well as all that eventually resulted in her untimely demise…

Until this trailer, I had no idea that Joplin is partly responsible for the Mercedes Benz song. I guess it might be time to get a little schooled on the First Lady of rock and roll.

Happy Film Loving 🙂


RONALDO (2015): New Trailer For Cristiano Ronaldo Documentary

Ronaldo (2015), Cristiano Ronaldo
Ronaldo (2015), Cristiano Ronaldo

I have very fond memories of watching football matches that featured Cristiano Ronaldo when he was still at Manchester United. The greatness of the athlete was and still is, undeniable.

From award winning director Anthony Wonke, Ronaldo is about what it is that makes the man. Through   unprecedented access to the much celebrated footballer and his inner circle, over 14 months, get to know more of Ronaldo’s story from the beginning through to his life today…

Ronaldo will be good for my general curiosity about extraordinary people. May this documentary be at least half as memorable as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Pumping Iron (1977).

Release Date (s): November 9th (UK)

Happy Film Loving 🙂


HITCHCOCK / TRUFFAUT (2015: New Trailer For Documentary About The One That Inspired Your Favourite Movie Directors

Hitchcock/Truffaut (2015),  Alfred Hitchcock
Hitchcock/Truffaut (2015), Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock is a name all fans of film learn about sooner or later. He is the most famous British director and has inspired many directors after him.

In this Kent Jones directed documentary, a selection of some of the best film directors of today talk about how much Hitchcock influenced their own work. Particularly what they learned of Hitchcock’s approach to film making, in French director Francoise Truffaut’s 1966 publication, Cinema According to Hitchcock…

Martin Scorsese, David Fincher and Wes Anderson are three of the directors who share their experience in Hitchcock / Truffaut.

Release date(s)… 

Happy Film Loving 🙂


RACING EXTINCTION (2014): New Trailer For Endangered Species & Mass Extinction Documentary

Racing Extinction (2015)
Racing Extinction (2015)

Featuring Elon Musk, Jane Goodall and several others, Racing Extinction is a documentary about why scientists believe that planet earth may lose half of its species, before the current century is over…

From Oscar winning director Louie Psihoyus, you can catchRacing Extinction on the Discovery Channel and other locations.

I’ll watch whilst hoping that by the end, I won’t feel like because of the human, planet earth and all its inhabitants are completely and utterly screwed.

Racing Extinction (2015)
Racing Extinction (2015)

Happy Racing Extinction 🙂



Keith Richards - Under The Influence (2015), Keith Richards
Keith Richards – Under The Influence (2015), Keith Richards

I know who Keith Richards is because of The Rolling Stones and and their music. I’m also British.

Those familiar with Richards will likely agree that to say the very least, he’s quite an intriguing character and Netflix clearly agree…

Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow from The Pirates Of The Caribbean movies is inspired by Richards. What a good job Depp did.

Available on Netflix September 18th 2015.

Happy Keith Richards – Under The Influence 🙂


A BALLERINA’S TALE (2015): New Trailer For Misty Copeland Documentary

A Ballerina's Tale (2015), Misty Copeland
A Ballerina’s Tale (2015), Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland, a classical ballet Dancer who on June 30, 2015 became the first black woman to be promoted to principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre is the subject of a new documentary…

Directed by Nelson George, A Ballerina’s Story covers Copeland’s impressive rise and all the challenges she faced throughout.

Fingers crossed that this documentary turns out well. Either way, with a figure so inspiring, of course I’ve already near enough exhausted the internet in my desire to know more about this amazing female.

The following Under Armour campaign from 2014 is the reason many who aren’t involved in the world of ballet know the name Misty Copeland; myself included.


Happy A Ballerina’s Tale 🙂


SHOUT GLADI GLADI (2015): New Documentary Trailer Highlighting The Lack Of Good Maternal Health In Africa

Shout Gladi Gladi (2015), Anna Gloag
Shout Gladi Gladi (2015), Anna Gloag

Narrated by acting queen, Meryl Streep, Shout Gladi, Gladi tells the story of the work of extraordinary women including philanthropist Ann Gloag…

An interesting and inspiring documentary. Melinda Gates (wife of Bill) and Nobel Peace laureate Wole Soyinka also feature.

Directed by Adam Friedman and Iain Kennedy.

Available from December 2015.

Happy Shout Gladi Gladi 🙂


ALIVE INSIDE (2014): Excellent Documentary About Music & Dementia

Alive Inside (2014), Henry
Alive Inside (2014), Henry

Inspired by Dan Cohen, founder of the nonprofit organization Music & Memory, Alive Inside presents brilliant insight into the broken American healthcare system. Specifically the nursing home and the extraordinary effect music has in restoring memory loss and a deep sense of self in dementia sufferers.

This is one of the best documentaries I’ve seen recently and it was impossible not to be moved by it.

Directed by Michael Rossato-Bennett, Alive Inside is the winner of the Audience Award at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. Watch it and feel empowered.

Dan Cohen’s nonprofit Music & Memory organisation.

Happy Alive Inside 🙂