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AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON (2015): Trailer 3, Who’s Not Ready?

Avengers, Age Of Ultron (2015) - Trailer 3,  James Spader, Ultron...
Avengers, Age Of Ultron (2015) – Trailer 3, James Spader, Ultron…

Hope. I’ll take that from them first’

More great Ultron (James Spader) dialogue.

Also, how visually stunning is what happens from 1:47 to 1:58 seconds?

Without further ado….

Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron – Trailer 3

Trailer 2

Trailer 1

I’m so ready.

Happy Avengers, Age of Ultron trailer  3 🙂


AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON (2015): James Spader’s Voice… *Sigh

Avengers, Age Of Ultron (2015): James Spader, Ultron
Avengers, Age Of Ultron (2015): James Spader, Ultron

If you thought the first trailer for Marvel’s Avengers, Age of Ultron was good, there is more.

Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man… all the avengers are great. But as the movie title states. This is all about Ultron.

I’m going to tear you apart… from the inside

Really hear these words delivered by the wonderfully voiced James Spader (Ultron), and I think you’ll agree that evil has never sounded so good.

To think I believed ‘There are no strings on me from the first trailer was the best line…

Trailer 2

Trailer 1

2015 is going to be one of the best years for film. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!! That is a scream of joy. Holding it in? – not possible.

Happy Avengers, Age of Ultron trailer 🙂



Star Wars Episode 7 - The Force Awakens (2015)
Star Wars Episode 7 – The Force Awakens (2015)

I love movies, but I do confess that there are some highly regarded films I’ve never watched – and a few more I may never seriously consider watching. Unfortunately all Star Wars films fall into this category.

Fantasy is simply not my favourite genre. In fact, I was quite sure that I’d probably never get round to watching a single Star Wars film. Unless…
…I met a really impassioned fan who somehow finally managed to convince me to put my aversion to fantasy film aside.

What I didn’t count on was that, that very person might just be new Star Wars writer / director J.J. Abrams.

I didn’t actually meet him, but I have seen the first 60 seconds of the new Star Wars Episode 7 – The Force Awakens teaser trailer:

I’m making no promises, of course. But when that next trailer does arrive, attention I will pay.

Happy The force Awakens 🙂


CINDERELLA (2015): Cate Blanchett Is Who…? Watch It And Delight

Cinderella (2015), Cate Blanchett
Cinderella (2015), Cate Blanchett

Not words that would ordinarily come out of my mouth, but I have been hankering  for a Cinderella remake.

With Cate Blanchett as the evil stepmother, is there a a better way to do it? I can hear everyone’s resounding no all at at once.

Cinderella is one of the best fairy tales. Not because of the famous romance, but rather the story of triumph over the unkind and cruel. Particularly doing so without sacrificing one’s character and principles.

I’ve watched the trailer a very high number of times and the great music is a huge part of the reason:

Bring on March 2015!

Happy Cinderella 🙂


SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN (2012): Great Example of Trailer Perfection

Snow White And The Huntsman (2012)
Snow White And The Huntsman (2012)

From the beautifully paced editing, perfect choice of music, to the narrative concept, dialogue and visuals / special effects; the Snow White And The Huntsman (2012) trailer provides just enough detail to make you aware that this is a wonderfully different retelling.

The decision to make Charlize Theron the key focus of the trailer is genius. This isn’t a film aimed at the traditional young Disney audience. Hence the absence of elements that quite frankly I’m glad are no where to be found. Musical numbers being just one of them.

This tantalisingly dark 1 minute 54 second trailer arrests the senses and refuses to let go until the very last second. What a wonderful marriage of audio visual delight delivered to perfection.

For many, Kristen Stuart is the big draw which is unsurprising due to the success of The Twilight Saga. For me though, without question it’s Charlize Theron.

The tone and delivery of Theron’s performance is such a thrill to behold, that to date I’ve watched the trailer a countless number of times.

The Snow White & The Huntsman trailer has a place in a compilation of my favourite film trailers of 2012. It also makes it on my list of favourite Charlize Theron  performances; Monster (2003) being one of them.

Happy Snow White And The Huntsman 🙂


SETH ROGEN’S This Is The End (2013). Funny? YES!

This is The End (2013), Seth Rogen, James Franco
This is The End (2013), Seth Rogen, James Franco

I learnt today that two close friends of mine do not find Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s This Is The End (2013) funny. WHAT?! I know. After coming to terms with their revelation, I made an effort to understand by running through the possible explanations:

  1. They hadn’t watched or enjoyed Pineapple Express (2008), Superbad (2007) Knocked Up (2007) or other great comedies by Rogen and Goldberg.
  2. They must not have been in the right frame of mind to properly appreciate the greatness. I believe that you have to be ‘in the mood’ for certain kinds of films (comedy, drama, action, etcetera) to get the best out of them.
  3. They were too tired to pay due attention.

Apparently none of the above explanations were correct, so I was left with the only possible answer. It’s clear. Something is very wrong with both of them. As such, trying to make sense of the situation would be a royal waste of time. And… I might need new friends.

What do you think? Did you find This Is The End funny? I’d like to think that there’s nothing wrong with you… 🙂