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AFTER THE WEDDING (2019): New Trailer From Michelle Williams, Julianne Moore, Billy Crudup…

After The Wedding (2019), Michelle Williams
After The Wedding (2019), Michelle Williams

In After The Wedding, Isabel (Michelle Williams) is the manager of an orphanage in Kolkata, India. In desperate need of money to keep the orphanage afloat, Isabel travels to New York to meet a benefactor (Julianne Moore) whose life couldn’t be more different from her own.

Directed by Bart Freundlich; additional cast members include Billy Crudup, Will Chase, Abby Quinn…

I’m interested to watch Moore playing what looks like a somewhat sinister character. I’m also curious about Isabel’s lifestyle, especially since it’s so far removed from my own.

Then there’s the secret. I want to know what the seemingly dark, potentially life destroying secret is. I’m aware that I just made myself sound quite nosy – but I swear, I simply love a promising movie plot and a good trailer with wonderful actors.

Doris McCarthy, Azhy Robertson, Eisa Davis, Alex Esola, Eric D. Hill Jr. and Teea Loreal also star.

After The Wedding Release Dates: August 9th, 2019 (US)…

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