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EDEN (2014): New Trailer Starring Nate Parker, Diego Boneta & Guaranteed Savagery

Eden (2014), )Mario Casas, Nate Parker
Eden (2014), )Mario Casas, Nate Parker

There’s a modern interpretation of Lord Of The Flies, William Golding’s classic novel of survival and savagery. This time it’s directed by Shyam Madiraju and features a cast that includes Nate Parker, Jessica Lowndes, Diego Boneta, James Remar and Rob Mayes…

Even though I’m definitely scared to think about a situation where cannibalism is a seemingly legitimate option in order to survive, I have to see Eden because the trailer has convinced me. That said, I probably won’t be doing that a few days before having to get on a plane.

Out September 2015.

Happy Eden 🙂