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FIFTY SHADES FREED (2018): New Trailer From Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson, Rita Ora, Arielle Kebbel…

Fifty Shades Freed (2018), Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan

It’s that time again! Time for the next movie in E.L. James best selling Fifty Shades trilogy. Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson and Rita Ora are joined by Arielle Kebbel in Fifty Shades Freed. This time Christian and Anastasia are an official couple and Anastasia finds herself still haunted by Christian’s past…

You may have already guessed but I’m not watching this movie because I’m expecting great things. I’ve seen the first two so I pretty much know what I can expect in terms of the general gist of the story, the often questionable dialogue and phrases I’ll be forced to verbalise such as, ‘what rubbish!’

The key reason I’m tuning in is because as per a great quote from one of the characters in an old classic British sitcom called Desmonds, ‘You can’t swallow a whole cow and then choke at the tail.’

Additionally, I really, really, REALLY, very much want a good look at that stunning wedding dress.

Fifty Shades Freed Release Dates: February 9th, 2018 (UK & US)…

Happy Film Loving


THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (2016): New Trailer From Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt & Ethan Hawke

The Magnificent Seven (2016), Denzel Washington
The Magnificent Seven (2016), Denzel Washington

Ethan Hawke, Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Vincent D’Onofrio, Byung-hun Lee, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo and Martin Sensmeier are The Magnificent Seven. Today marks the release of the teaser trailer…

Trailer sneak peak

Teaser Trailer

Full Trailer

I think it’s time to get excited about some cool and serious gun slinging action.

The Magnificent Seven Release Dates: September 23rd, 2016 (US & UK), September 29th, 2016 (GER)…

Happy Film Loving 🙂


FOREVER (2015): Unsettling New Trailer From Tatia Pilieva, Starring Deborah Ann Woll

Forever (2015), Deborah Ann Woll
Forever (2015), Deborah Ann Woll

Tatia Pilieva is new to me. She’s also director of this absorbing new trailer…

As I watched this trailer I found myself more and more unsettled. The seemingly scariest thing being the idea that Alice, the young investigative reporter is about to be ‘turned.’ The camera work, editing and music work perfectly.

The main cast includes Deborah Ann Woll, Ioan Gruffudd, John Diehl, Luke Grimes and Shanola Hampton.

Release Date (s): September 25th at Laemmle Music Hall 3 in Beverly Hills, CA. Further details of a wider release to be confirmed.

Happy Forever 🙂


FIFTY SHADES OF GREY (2015): There Is Something I Liked…

Fifty Shades Of Grey (2015), Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey)
Fifty Shades Of Grey (2015), Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey)

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan star in Fifty Shades Of Grey, the Sam Taylor Johnson directed film adaptation of E.L. James’ best selling book of the same name.

There has been plenty of well publicised negative feedback about the quality of writing in the book and subsequently, the film. Yet, all that seems to have caused minimal damage to the movie’s overall commercial success. 

Clearly the story of the masochistic relationship between a university student (Anastasia Steele) and a handsome, rich businessman (Christian Grey) is just too appealing. Thanks to some rather steamy content and a definitely mysterious Mr. Grey; a man audiences can’t help but be desperate to understand.

For me, there are no particularly stellar performances in the film. I remember laughter escaping my lips in response to some of the dialogue. Had the book been better written, perhaps the movie would be too. Nevertheless, by the end I did find myself quite curious about the tortured Mr. Grey. Though absolutely not curious enough to ever pick up the book(s) – in the event that the follow up films were to be cancelled.

Fifty Shades Of Grey (2015), Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson
Fifty Shades Of Grey (2015), Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson

Whether it’s the love story, sexy content or even the dialogue, if you’re planning to watch, I hope you’ll find one or two things in the movie worth the experience. Oddly enough, my favourite thing about Fifty Shades Of Grey, is probably not what one might expect. For it is  the following line delivered by Christian Grey within the first ten minutes.

The harder I work the more luck I seem to have’.

Happy Film Loving


AMERICAN SNIPER (2014): Bradley Cooper Makes It Good

American Sniper (2014), Bradley Cooper
American Sniper (2014), Bradley Cooper

There are obvious moral issues that come up as a result of the subject matter of Eastwood’s American Sniper, but that isn’t really what the film is about.

Instead, it’s a story that touches on the effects of war on the psyche of someone who’s job – simply put, is to kill anyone that poses an immediate danger to the Soldiers he’s hired to protect in Iraq, post 9/11.

Bradley Cooper does a brilliant job of portraying Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in U.S military history – and he does it to great effect more with well placed silences than words.

If you know the Chris Kyle story, you already know how this movie ends and towards the end you’ll be glad about how Eastwood dealt with the the last few scenes; particularly what you don’t see just before the real life footage begins.

In terms of Eastwood’s body of work, American Sniper is good, but it’s no Million Dollar Baby (2004) or  Gran Torino (2008).

Some have said the film feels more like a dictation of the subject’s life than an actual movie and I don’t completely disagree. It’s worth watching anyway because you’re curious and you know Bradley Cooper good.

Happy American Sniper. 🙂


AMERICAN SNIPER (2014): Just My Kind Of Clint Eastwood Film

American Sniper (2015): Bradley Cooper
American Sniper (2015): Bradley Cooper

The result of Bradley Cooper’s emotional transformation to play real life US Sniper Chris Kyle is probably as impressive as the physical change he had to undergo in order to play the lead in Clint Eastwood’s latest, American Sniper (2014).

To say that based on the below trailer, the film looks great is just right. Sienna Miller, Owain Yeoman and Luke Grimes also star but what I’m really most curious about in this film is the adventure into the psyche of the Sniper. Especially since such a job is so far from anything most of us could ever imagine choosing to do.

On a side note, watching this trailer makes me want to re-watch The Hurt Locker (2008).

Happy American Sniper 🙂