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LISTEN TO ME MARLON (2015): Excellent Trailer For Marlon Brando Documentary

Listen To Me Marlon (2015), Marlon Brando
Listen To Me Marlon (2015), Marlon Brando

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Stevan Riley has directed Listen To Me Marlon, a new documentary about Marlon Brando – and the trailer looks fantastic.

Amongst other great roles, Brando is the man responsible for doing an exceptional job of bringing author Mario Puzo’s character of The Godfather to life in the Francis Ford Coppola directed 1972 classic of the same name.

I know that Listen To Me Marlon is going to be great, especially for lovers of documentary film / biographies, fans of very talented actors, those curious about the human condition – and of course, the brilliance of┬áBrando himself and his works.

I really can’t wait to see this and congratulations to the person responsible for this trailer, for it is just excellent!

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