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FOXCATCHER (2014): Steve Carell And Channing Tatum’s Tense And Dramatic Best

Foxcatcher (2014) Steve Carell
Foxcatcher (2014) Steve Carell

Familial discontent, jealousy and the challenges / blessings that come with sibling relationships are some of the themes explored in Director, Bennet Miller’s award winning Foxcatcher.

Based on the true story of Olympic wrestling, gold medalist siblings, David and Mark Schultz , Foxcatcher follows the story of how the brother’s lives are altered with the arrival of wealthy and socially maladjusted wrestling enthusiast, Jon Du Pont (Steve Carell).

Carell’s Du Pont embodies an uncomfortable presence which acts as the catalyst for much of the dramatic tension in Foxcatcher and subsequently guarantees that the viewer is never allowed to relax – for good reason.

Further discomfort comes from Miller’s close focus on the stressful and painful realities of a character’s experience, making for a documentary feel.

Assuming that all the mention of discomfort hasn’t desuaded you from making time for Director Bennet Miller’s latest, let Carell’s stellar transformation into the certainly unbalanced Du Pont and Tatum’s troubled Mark Schultz be enough to convince you. 

At the very least, both Actor’s performances will go some way to silencing any possible doubters of their acting talents.

Foxcatcher (2014), Channing Tatum
Foxcatcher (2014), Channing Tatum

Watch it to see Carell and Tatum do their best work.

Happy Foxcatcher 🙂


AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON (2015): James Spader’s Voice… *Sigh

Avengers, Age Of Ultron (2015): James Spader, Ultron
Avengers, Age Of Ultron (2015): James Spader, Ultron

If you thought the first trailer for Marvel’s Avengers, Age of Ultron was good, there is more.

Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man… all the avengers are great. But as the movie title states. This is all about Ultron.

I’m going to tear you apart… from the inside

Really hear these words delivered by the wonderfully voiced James Spader (Ultron), and I think you’ll agree that evil has never sounded so good.

To think I believed ‘There are no strings on me from the first trailer was the best line…

Trailer 2

Trailer 1

2015 is going to be one of the best years for film. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!! That is a scream of joy. Holding it in? – not possible.

Happy Avengers, Age of Ultron trailer 🙂