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AN AMERICAN PICKLE (2020): The Things I Liked…

An American Pickle (2020), Seth Rogen
An American Pickle (2020), Seth Rogen

I started watching the new Seth Rogen movie, An American Pickle with the knowledge that I’d need to have an open mind. Especially since the premise suggests that a human being can be preserved in a pickling solution, and wake up one hundred years later, minus any physical or mental deficits. I accepted this perfectly silly premise in exchange for some laughs.

The good news is that I did laugh a few times. The not so great news is that I lost a fair amount of faith in proceedings when quite early on, a key event takes place rather loudly, yet the many characters who were in close proximity apparently did not notice a thing. As disappointed as I was by this event, I didn’t stop watching director Brandon Trost’s movie because it had made me laugh almost right away. I, therefore, hoped that more funny moments would come, and they did. However, that doesn’t mean I could escape how hollow the whole experience of An American Pickle had started to feel.

In addition to the humour, the other element I enjoyed is how well Rogen playing two characters who interact with each other turned out.

The humour in An American Pickle may well be your kind of humour. In which case, give it a chance. Just remember that you’ll need to suspend your disbelief completely and utterly.

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