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A CURE FOR WELLNESS (2017): New Trailer Starring Dane DeHaan, Mia Goth, Jason Isaacs & Directed by Gore Verbinski…

A Cure For Wellness (2017), Jason Isaacs
A Cure For Wellness (2017), Jason Isaacs

Directed by Gore Verbinski; Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs and Mia Goth are the stars of new mystery / thriller A Cure For Wellness. 

A scary looking film that has a young executive sent to a ‘wellness centre’ in a remote location in the Swiss Alps; a place where the things that happen are not quite as advertised…

I want to see this, but that clip of the girl in the bath looks like the thing of nightmares. My nightmares to be precise.

A Cure For Wellness Release Dates: February 17th, 2017 (US); March 24th, 2017 (UK)…

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