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FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS (2016): The Thing I Liked…

Florence Foster Jenkins (2016), Meryl Streep.
Florence Foster Jenkins (2016), Meryl Streep

Florence Foster Jenkins, the story of a New York heiress who dreamed of becoming an opera singer, despite having a terrible singing voice is a movie I found to be just OK.

Starring Hugh Grant, Simon Helberg, ‘acting queen’ Meryl Streep and directed by Stephen Frears, I enjoyed the little moments of humour and I appreciated the film as a sweet story of one man’s complicated love for his wife and friend, particularly the lengths he and a number of her friends went to to ‘take care of her’.

It goes without saying that Streep performed well as Jenkins. Helberg and Grant were good too. Ordinarily, I personally can’t imagine myself gladly helping to delude a talentless person I care about into thinking that they were actually talented. Watching Florence Foster Jenkins has ensured that I’d take a little more time to consider it. Even though it all reeks heavily of the most cringe worthy moments in talent shows such as X-Factor and American Idol.

As always, watch it if you’re curious enough.

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FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS (2016): New Trailer From Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant & Simon Helberg

Florence Foster Jenkins (2016), Meryl Streep
Florence Foster Jenkins (2016), Meryl Streep

In today’s new trailer for Florence Foster Jenkins, Meryl Streep plays a New York Heiress with a terrible singing voice and dreams of becoming an opera singer…

Teaser Trailer

Full Trailer

I already like the sound of this movie because it seems like an underdog story and it’s directed by Stephen Frears, the man behind The Queen (2006) and High Fidelity (1998).

‘The lady is a lesson in courage and that’s why we love her’ _A quote I love.

Hugh grant, Simon Helberg of The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Neve Gachev and Rebecca Ferguson make up some of the key supporting cast.

Florence Foster Jenkins Release Dates: May 6th, 2016 (UK); November 25th, 2016 (GER)…

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THE PROGRAM (2015): New Trailer For Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal Biopic

The Program (2015), Ben Foster
The Program (2015), Ben Foster

Ben Foster, Chris O’Dowd and Guillaume Canet are the stars of the Stephen Frears latest. The Program is the film adaptation of former road racing cyclist, Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace.

I actually wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about the first trailer when it was released a few months ago. Reasons included doubts as to whether Foster actually sounds like Armstrong. I’m still not convinced that he really does but this new trailer is definitely better…

I don’t feel quite quite ready for a movie version of a story that was only recently told by the documentary, The Armstrong Lie (2013). However, I’m presuming it will be interesting to see dramatisations of events we’ve so far only been told about. Foster will likely do a good job of portraying Armstrong even if I feel like he didn’t get the voice quite right.

The Program (2015), Chris O'Dowd
The Program (2015), Chris O’Dowd

I’m most looking forward to seeing Irish actor Chris O’Dowd excel in a serious dramatic role. Until then…

Dustin Hoffman, Jesse Plemons Elaine Cassidy and Bryan Greenberg also star.

Release Date (s): October 16th 2015 (UK & US)

Happy The Program 🙂