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LOCKED IN (2021): The Things I Liked…

Locked In (2021), Mena Suvari
Locked In (2021), Mena Suvari

It’s my curiosity about how thrilling movies set mainly in one location can be, that had me watching crime/thriller Locked In. The other motivation is Mena Suvari (an actress I’ll always appreciate because of American Beauty (1999), one of my favourites.

From writer/director Carlos V. Gutierrez, Locked In has some suspenseful scenes. It’s the suspense-filled moments that had me watching through to the very end. Even though by the halfway point, I’d already given up on the movie being the kind I insist others watch. 

The performances aren’t the problem. Locked In is simply not as clever as it needed to be for the viewing experience to feel worthwhile. There are parts of the film where I had to look away as if to signal to the room (since I was watching the movie alone) that what was happening on screen wasn’t up to standard. 

The suspenseful moments and the satisfying last scene are the parts that made me happy. If you’re especially curious about Locked In, then do what you must. Otherwise, how about Locke (2013)Carnage (2011) or Phone Booth (2002)All three are good movies set either completely or predominantly in one location.

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