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ABOVE & BELOW (2015): New Trailer For A Documentary About Five Survivors In An Apocalyptic World

Above & Below (2015), Nicolas Steiner Documentary
Above & Below (2015), Nicolas Steiner Documentary

Today’s trailer follows five people in their daily hustle through an apocalyptic world. Written and directed by Nicolas Steiner, Above and Below may sound a little like Mad Max (2015), but I assure you, it probably isn’t.

Steiner’s documentary sees Rick, Cindy, Dave and Godfather Lalo all living and surviving in places many people probably wouldn’t choose to visit, let alone call home. 

I’ll tune in in hopes of learning a few things. Also, having just recently watched The Martian (2015), survival in unexpected places is kind of, for want of a better phrase, trending in my brain right now.

Above & Below Release Dates

Happy Film Loving 🙂