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THE DAY SHALL COME (2019): New Trailer From Christopher Morris, Starring Anna Kendrick, Danielle Brooks, Merchánt Davis, Davis O’Hare…

The Day Shall Come (2019), Anna Kendrick, Film4
The Day Shall Come (2019), Anna Kendrick, Film4

Four Lions (2010) director and co-writer Christopher Morris has a new comedy starring Anna Kendrick, Merchánt Davis, Denis O’Hare and Danielle Brooks.

Set in the Miami projects, in The Day Shall Come, Davis plays Moses, an impoverished preacher who’s offered cash to save his family from eviction. What poor Moses doesn’t know is that his sponsor works for the FBI who have plans to turn him into a criminal…

The Day Shall Come kind of looks like one of those films people either love or hate. I’m hoping I’ll be in the former camp. Especially since I haven’t seen Morris’s most famous work Four Lions but I’ve heard good things.

The fact that I enjoyed the talking horse towards the end of this trailer must be a good sign, surely.

Kayvan Novak, Jim Gaffigan, Miles Robbins, Pej Vahdat, Adam David Thompson, Mousa Kraish and James Adomian also star.

The Day Shall Come Release Dates: September 27th, 2019 (UK)…

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