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US (2019): The Things I Liked…

What to say about Us? It had its moments, several that were perfectly engaging. However, there were some scenes I wish had gone differently. 

Starring Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss and Tim Heidecker, I enjoyed much of the mystery in Jordan Peele’s horror/mystery/thriller about a family whose beach holiday takes a terrorising turn, thanks to the arrival of their doppelgängers. It’s just unfortunate that a little bit of that enjoyment disappeared when I realised I’d guessed a crucial element of the story within the first ten minutes.

Other moments that convinced me I’m not enjoying Us as much as I did Get Out (2017) include the feeling that Nyong’o’s doppelgänger has far too much dialogue. Another is the taking of young Evan Alex’s character towards the end. Now, I’m sure that parents get distracted in extraordinary circumstances. Nevertheless, that specific taking felt as though it happened far too conveniently for my liking.

Even with the above considered, there’s no taking away from the brilliant performances by the entire cast. I especially found Winston Duke’s character quite entertaining. 

For me, Peele is still great at creating a perfectly uncomfortable atmosphere that’s very difficult to look away from, even if, in the case of Us, the social commentary doesn’t quite land as neatly. 

You’ve probably already watched Us, but if you haven’t and you’re curious. Plus you enjoyed Get Out, then give Us a chance. 

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NINE DAYS (2020): New Trailer Starring Winston Duke, Bill Skarsgård, Zazie Beetz, Benedict Wong…

Nine Days (2020), Bill Skarsgård, Sony Pictures Classics
Nine Days (2020), Bill Skarsgård, Sony Pictures Classics

Nine Days is a new drama/fantasy film about a reclusive man as he conducts a series of interviews with human souls, to determine which one can be born on earth.

From writer/director Edson Oda; Nine Days stars Bill Skarsgård, Zazie Beetz, Winston Duke and Benedict Wong.

I’m so curious to see how the topic of ‘pre-life’ will be covered because I have so many questions. For example, what is pre-life really like and why is life on earth so very appealing? To what extent can a soul know the type of life experience they’re likely to have once on earth? How much joy versus suffering? What kind of human being are they likely to become? And so on.

In part because of the premise, this trailer and the one for Sound of Metal are in my top five of 2020’s best indie trailers.

Tony Hale, Geraldine Hughes, David Rysdahl, Arianna Ortiz, John Forker, Perry Smith, Dave Bresnahan, Logan Smith, Rachelle Hardy, Lisa Starrett and Sammie Edgington also star.

Nine Days Release Dates: January 27th, 2021 (US)…

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