WONDER WOMAN (2017): New Trailer Starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine…

Wonder Woman (2017), Gal Gadot
Wonder Woman (2017), Gal Gadot

I haven’t really paid much attention to many of the Wonder Woman news headlines ever since it was announced that Gal Gadot had won the role. Hearing about the resultant backlash concerning her casting only worked to make me impatient for the day when she hopefully gets to silence all her critics with a brilliant performance…

Trailer 1 (Comic-Con)

Trailer 2

I definitely like the Comic-Con trailer more than I do the one for Justice League (2017) – a trailer that was also released on the same day. The music, visuals and general ‘badassery’ just speaks to me more. Though not just because the Amazon princess and Iย are both young ladies.

It crossed my mind that Wonder Woman is kind of a female Captain America. I say this initially because of the shield. I’m sure there are probably other reasons but I’m completely new to this story so I’d just be guessing. I’d love for this Patty Jenkins directed movie to be as powerful in its ability to silence the critics of Gal Gadot as Casino Royale (2006) was for critics of Daniel Craig’s casting as James Bond.

Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright also star.

Bring on the power!

Wonder Woman Release Dates: June 2nd, 2017 (US & UK); June 7th, 2017 (FR);  June 15th, 2017 (GER)…

Happy Film Loving ๐Ÿ™‚


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