The BFG (2016), Mark Rylance

THE BFG (2016): The Thing I Liked…

The BFG (2016), Ruby Barnhill, Mark Rylance
The BFG (2016), Ruby Barnhill, Mark Rylance

The idea of a movie based on Roald Dahl’s famous children’s book The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) had me excited because I vaguely recall enjoying the story as a child. Having now seen the Steven Spielberg directed film, it’s clear for me that this is one of those instances where the book may definitely be much better than the movie.

The lovely nostalgic walk down memory lane I’d been hoping for really isn’t what transpired here. My biggest issue with Spielberg’s film is the pace. I found the pace to be so incredibly slow, that at one point when the ‘bad giants’ were looking for a human child for their afternoon snack, I may have uttered the words ‘Just find her and eat her already, so that this massive let down can finally be over!’

Unfortunately for me, things didn’t get interesting and engaging until the part that takes place at the palace towards the end. Another positive is the narration at the very end.

Prior to this definitely disappointing The BFG experience, I’d actually been thinking about re-watching the Spielberg classic, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982). I’m no longer sure about that now, though I may feel differently after a little while.

The BFG has reminded me that sometimes re-living stories and/or re-watching films I loved as a child, especially if they were made with children as the target audience may result in those films not being well received by my now adult brain. One such example would be The Never Ending Story (1984). I really wouldn’t recommend revisiting that. I did and I ended up wishing that I’d let it remain as magical as my young brain’s experience of it.

My main hope for The BFG  is that children, the key target audience for the movie actually have a good time when they watch it. Should I finally muster the courage to re-visit E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, I’ll certainly share my thoughts on here. Until next time…

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