The Hole In The Ground (2019), Seána Kerslake
The Hole In The Ground (2019), Seána Kerslake

One of my film loving goals in recent years has been to open my mind to horror movies. So far I’ve really only watched films that are horror with a side of thriller, drama or mystery – and I’ve enjoyed all of them to varying degrees. For example A Quiet Place (2017), Get Out (2017) and It (1990), to name just three were fun but the problem is that none of these movies are purely horror movies.

From co-writer and director Lee Cronin, The Hole In The Ground is categorised as purely a horror film and it’s about a young mother with a troubled past who’s trying to figure out whether the disturbing changes in her little boy are linked to an ominous sinkhole, deep in the forest close to her home.

I can’t say that The Hole In The Ground is a film I found especially scary and perhaps the fact that I watched it as daylight poured in through my window has a little something to do with it. Even still, it had my attention in the beginning but I soon I found the whole experience to be ‘too much atmosphere and not enough story or scares.’ 

I’d hoped that the questions presented in the trailer that had me interested in this movie would be fully answered. I really wanted to know what that hole in the ground was actually about and how it came to be but I learned nothing. As a relative newbie to the genre, perhaps this lack of revelation / explanation is something I need to get used to. Fingers crossed that isn’t the case.

I think that both Seána Kerslake and James Quinn Markey performed well. I just can’t say that I loved The Hole In The Ground because some of the special effects were not especially convincing and it didn’t do a great job of holding my attention on account of all the focus on atmosphere but with insufficient pay off.

Watch it if you, you know, absolutely must.

Happy Film loving 


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