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ALL EYEZ ON ME (2016): New Trailer For Tupac Shakur Biopic Starring Demetrius Shipp Jr. & Danai Gurira

All Eyez On Me (2016), Demetrius Shipp Jr.
All Eyez On Me (2016), Demetrius Shipp Jr.

The Tupac Shakur biopic all major fans have been waiting for finally has a trailer. Starring Demetrius Shipp Jr. as the celebrated late rapper – and Danai Gurira as his mother who recently passed, I’ve seen the trailer and  I’m going to say it; the movie looks good…

Teaser trailer 1

Teaser trailer 2

Directed by Benny boom, what’s quite clear right now is that  All Eyez On Me won’t be an easy watch for a number of reasons. I just hope that by the end I’ll be impressed and proud as I was after Straight Outta Compton (2015)a movie I recommend to fans of good film and storytelling, not just those who know, understand and appreciate the music of N.W.A.

What’s obvious is that Demetrius Shipp Jr. looks a lot like Tupac, but an important question that neither of the above trailers currently answers is whether he actually has Tupac’s flow. I guess we’ll find out in the movie, maybe. Let’s hope.

All Eyez On Me Release Dates: June 16th, 2017 (US)…

Happy Film Loving 🙂