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YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT (2020): New Trailer From kevin Bacon, Amanda Seyfried, Colin Blumenau…

You Should Have Left (2020), Kevin Bacon, Universal Pictures
You Should Have Left (2020), Kevin Bacon, Universal Pictures

Starring Kevin Bacon, Amanda Seyfried and Colin Blumenau; writer/director David Koepp’s horror/mystery You Should Have Left is set at a remote house in the Alps.

Having travelled there with his family, Bacon plays a screenwriter who’s hoping to write the sequel to his big hit film. Only, he begins to regret his decision following a severe case of writer’s block.

I’m drawn to this one because of Bacon, and certainly at the risk of never looking at light switches the same way again.

Maybe this movie will be more ‘mystery’ than ‘horror.’ You know, since I appreciate a good nights sleep free of nightmares more than I do movie induced scares. Fingers crossed we have a good great one here.

Eli Powers, Avery Tiiu Essex, Lowri Ann Richards and Joshua C Jackson also star.

You Should Have Left Release Dates: June 19th, 2020 (US)…

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