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BLOWN AWAY – SEASON 2 (2021): New Trailer For Netflix Glassblowing Competition

Blown Away Season 2 (2011), Netflix
Blown Away Season 2 (2011), Netflix

Netflix series Blown Away is a reality show focused on ten master artists with their eyes on a $60,000 prize and the title of champion. All they have to do is create the best glassblowing sculptures according to a group of judges.

Hosted by Nick Uhas; the contestants include Alexander Rosenberg, Patrick Primeau, Momo Schafer, Leah Kudel, Deborah Czeresko, Janusz Pozniak, Annette Sheppard, Edgar Valentine, Benjamin Kikkert and Kevin Kiff.

Based on some of the YouTube comments, looks like I may be one of very few who are interested in this one. I’m not into the annoying reality TV tropes or tricks that this will surely contain. But I do want to learn more about glass blowing, the people who love it so, and last but not least, I want to feast my eyes on the creative results.

It also looks like I missed the first season of this series. In which case I better start with that. Let’s hope it won’t have me re-thinking my season 2 viewing plans.

Blown Away Release Dates: January 22nd, 2021 (US), Netflix

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