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MARY (2019): New Trailer From Gary Oldman, Emily Mortimer, Jennifer Esposito…

Mary (2019), Gary Oldman
Mary (2019), Gary Oldman

From director Michael Goi, Mary is a new horror movie starring Gary Oldman, Emily Mortimer and Jennifer Esposito.

The scares begin soon after a family interested in starting a charter-boat business buys a ship that holds terrifying secrets. Secrets that only surface once they’re out on isolated waters with no one else around…

The idea of ghosts and demons are certainly scary enough for me. What’s interesting is that Mary is taking the scares to the open sea. I therefore wish the best of luck to all the non-swimmers and thalassophobics (those with an intense and persistent fear of the sea and distance from land), who happen to love horror movies.

I haven’t quite figured out where the family are supposed to be from based on their accents. Any ideas?

Stefanie Scott, Owen Teague, Michael Landes, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Natalie Jean, Chloe Perrin, Claire Byrne, Kathryn Kellly and Griffin Hood also star.

Mary Release Dates: October 11th, 2019 (US)…

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