THE GOOD LIE (2014): Such A Beautiful Ending!

The Good Lie (2014), Ger Duony, Emmanuel Jal, Kuoth Wiel
The Good Lie (2014), Ger Duony, Emmanuel Jal, Kuoth Wiel

Set in Sudan and the united states, director Philippe Falardeau’s The Good Lie follows the journey of Sudanese refugees given the chance to resettle in America, away from civil war in their home country.

Carrie, a feisty, strong and fiercely independent employment agency counsellor played by Reese Witherspoon is one of the first people they meet when they arrive in the US, and you’ll be glad they did.

This is a beautiful, dramatic and humorous tale about friendship, survival, sacrifice, and family. There’s a chance that The Good Lie will have you reflecting upon the true value of unexpected kindness from perfect strangers.

Watch it because it’s good.

Happy Film Loving


Learn more about the ongoing crisis in Sudan and the Philanthropic Initiative of The Good Lie Film

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