SPY (2015): It’s Good, People. It’s Good

Spy (2015), Melissa McCarthy
Spy (2015), Melissa McCarthy

Watching a spy movie and not having at least one thing about it reminding you of James Bond – the most famous spy of them all, is near enough impossible. Starring Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law and Jason Statham, the Paul Feig written/ directed Spy is no exception.

Unlike 007 however, spy is a comedy as well as an action film – and a rather good one at that.

An entertaining experience with a well written story, fun dialogue and characters is how I describe the movie. The dynamic between Jason Statham and Melissa McCarthy’s characters is a big highlight. Rose Byrne’s Rayna Boyanov is also another plus.

Spy (2015), Jude Law, Rose Byrne
Spy (2015), Jude Law, Rose Byrne

The other very reliable cast members include Allison Janney, Miranda Hart, Sam Richardson, Morena Baccarin and Bobby Cannavale.

Watch it because it’s good. I found Jude Law’s character a tad annoying at first but it’s not so bad because the movie is a Melissa McCarthy vehicle and Spy is definitely my favourite of her roles since Bridesmaids (2011), also directed by Paul Feig.

Happy Spy 🙂


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