IN PURSUIT OF SILENCE (2016): New Trailer For Documentary About Silence & The Impact Of Noise…

In Pursuit Of Silence (2015)
In Pursuit Of Silence (2015)

Directed by Patrick Shen, In Pursuit Of Silence is a documentary about our relationship with silence and the impact of noise on our lives…

The first 19 seconds of this trailer was very blissful indeed; not just because of the ‘rude’ manner in which it was interrupted.

I’d actually be quite happy to sit and watch from 0:04 to 0:17 for as long as I want each day. That’s of course assuming that the visuals and sounds of nature in the trailer are not readily available to me whenever I need – in the real world. For me personally, there’s only so much silence I can take before I have a strong urge to be ‘where things are happening.’ Maybe this documentary will change that, a little… perhaps.

In Pursuit Of Silence Release Dates

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