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ROLLING THUNDER REVUE (2019): New Trailer For Documentary About Bob Dylan By Martin Scorsese…

Rolling Thunder Revue - A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese (2019), Netflix
Rolling Thunder Revue – A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese (2019), Netflix

The spirit of America in 1975 and the joyous music that Bob Dylan performed during the fall of that year is the focus of Rolling Thunder Revue – A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese.

It is both a documentary and concert film that features , besides Dylan himself,  Allen Ginsberg, Patti Smith, Joan Baez…

You know when you hear of an older artist who’s highly celebrated by so many people, especially by a particular generation and a few young- old heads? Yet you yourself know little to none of that artist’s music. Some of their songs may sound familiar but you can’t really name any of it because you’ve never been pulled to purposefully listen. That artist for me is s Bob Dylan. Michael Hutchence of INXS is another and it just so happens Hutchence also has a documentary trailer released in the same week

A part of me is quite curious about both artists, but I think they’ll probably remain the kind I’ll need a super fan to convince me to listen to. Then, before you know it, I’m a serious fan!

It could happen. It may not but it could.

Do you happen to be a Dylan and / or Hutchence fan? Am I really missing out?

Rolling Thunder Release Dates: June 12th, 2019 (US) / Internet…

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TONI MORRISON (2019): New Trailer For Documentary About Multi Award Winning Author Toni Morrison…

Toni Morrison - The Pieces I Am (2019), Toni Morrison, Magnolia Pictures & Magnet Releasing
Toni Morrison – The Pieces I Am (2019), Toni Morrison, Magnolia Pictures & Magnet Releasing

Toni Morrison – The Pieces I Am is a Timothy Greenfield-Sanders directed documentary about the Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize and American Book Award Winning Author, Toni Morrison.

The film promises an intimate look at the legendary storyteller through an examination of her life, her works and the powerful themes in her literary career.

Featured in the documentary are, besides Morrison herself, Oprah Winfrey, Angela Davis, Russell Banks, Walter Mosley, Fran Lebowitz… 

Though aware of them, right now I’m not quite ready to read Morrison’s books. Especially since based on this trailer, they’re guaranteed to make the reader quite angry and enough to cry.

I am however, very willing to hear those who know Morrison best talk about her impact and achievements because I really do love stories of empowered extraordinary women.

Toni Morrison – The Pieces I Am Release Dates: June 21st, 2019 (US)…

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THE QUEEN (1968): New Trailer For 4K Restored Documentary About 1967 Drag Queen Contest

The Queen (1968)
The Queen (1968)

24 year old Jack, a.k.a Sabrina is hired as the mistress of ceremonies at a national drag queen contest in New York City. Set in 1967 and directed by Frank Simon, The Queen is an about to be re-released documentary that goes behind the scenes of said contest.

As is the case in many competitions, there are jealousies that emerge – and The Queen captures this and other real conversations in the dressing room. Conversations about topics including sexual identity, sex-change operations and what it’s like to be a drag queen at the time…

Considering all the conversation about gender identity in recent years, I want to watch this to see what new things I can learn about the human experience. I’m sure it’ll be interesting to think about how much things have really changed over the last fifty-plus years.

On a side note, I’ve actually been thinking about the idea of wearing a crown on a daily basis. Or at least just once a week… They are just such beautiful accessories; no one can deny that, right?

The Queen Re-release Dates: June 28th, 2019 (US)…

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BACK TO THE FATHERLAND (2017): New Trailer For documentary About Young Women & Men Leaving israel…

Back To The Fatherland (2019), First Run Features

From directors  Gil Levanon and Kat Rohrer, new documentary Back To The Fatherland is about young women and men from Israel.

What’s interesting is that the women and men in question is that they’re choosing to leave Israel and move to Germany and Austria; countries where their families were persecuted and killed…

I cant wait to find out how the young people willing to leave Israel for Germany and Austria actually came to their decisions. It should also be interesting to witness the levels of understanding we’ll get to see from their family members.

Not that the directors are the same but this really does look quite promising. Almost as promising as Colliding Dreams (2015), a film that does a great job of breaking down the Israel Palestine crisis. It’s definitely one of the most enlightening documentaries I’ve ever seen is. May this new film be equally interesting.

Back To Fatherland Release Dates: June 14th, 2019 (US)…

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GENERAL MAGIC (2019): New trailer For Documentary About American Software & Electronics Comany, General Magic…

General Magic (2018)
General Magic (2018)

General Magic is a new documentary about a business of the same name that Forbes Magazine described as the ‘greatest dead company in Silicon Valley.‘ It’s a company that was responsible for launching the first smartphone before 3G and Google even existed.

Directors Sarah Kerruish and Matt Maude will show how though you’ve never heard of them, General Magic changed the world as we know it today in several ways…

The people behind the company and how they feel today about the way things played out, That’s what interests me the most. I’m perhaps extra intrigued by the role of what looks like the only lady on the team.

General Magic Release Dates

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ANTHROPOCENE – THE HUMAN EPOCH (2018): New trailer For Documentary About Humanity’s Impact On Planet Earth…

Antropocene - The Human Epoch (2018), Kinolorber
Antropocene – The Human Epoch (2018), Kinolorber

Antropocene – The Human Epoch is a new documentary set across six continents and twenty countries.

Directed by Jennifer Baichwal, Edward Burtynsky and Nicholas de Pencier, it covers the impact humans have made on our planet…

A mixture of beautiful and thoroughly disturbing images in this trailer. So much so that I find myself curious about just how hopeful the message will be by the end of this film.

I’m starting to conclude that humanity often feels these days like a young adult who keeps getting into trouble and doing things that aren’t good for them, or others around them. The question then is… How does one know if they’ll actually change in time?

Anthropocene – The Human Epoch – Release Dates…

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DIEGO MARADONNA (2019): New Trailer For Diego Maradona Documentary From Asif Kapadia…

Diego Maradona (2019), Film4
Diego Maradona (2019), Film4

Oscar winning director Asif Kapadia’s trailer for his new documentary Diego Maradona is here.

Focuses both on the highs and lows of the Argentine footballers career, Diego Maradona is the result of the analysis of over 500 hours of never-before-seen footage…

In my recent post about this very documentary, I now realise that I’d completely forgotten about the the biggest controversy of Maradona’s career.

Now that this trailer has reminded me of the infamous ‘The Hand Of God’ incident, I’m even more curious about the way everything that happened really affected Maradona. Particularly considering his level of fame at the time.

Diego Maradona Release Dates: June 14th, 2019 (UK); September 24th, 2019 (US)…

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DIEGO MARADONA (2019): New Documentary About One Of Argentina’s Greatest Footballers…

Diego Maradona (2019), Asif Kapadia
Diego Maradona (2019), Asif Kapadia

Diego Maradona is the latest documentary from Asif Kapadia, director of Oscar winning Amy Winehouse documentary Amy (2015).

Following a review of hundreds of hours of footage, Kapadia’s film focuses on the career of highly celebrated Argentine footballer Diego Maradona…

I don’t really follow football as I once did, but I do remember being aware of Maradona’s greatness. I’m curious about the new truths I could learn, especially since Kapadia’s Amy proved quite enlightening.

Diego Maradona Release Dates

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