MACHINES (2017): New Trailer For Documentary About Life & Work In A Gigantic Textile Factory In Gujarat, India…

Machines (2017)
Machines (2017)

Telling us a story of inequality, oppression, the huge divide between rich, poor and the perspectives of both; director Rahul Jain’s documentary, Machines is set in a gigantic textile factory in Gujarat, India. A factory where dehumanising physical labor and intense hardship are the rhythm of life…

I’m in for the visuals, memorable images and interviews with the workers. This trailer reminds me of one of my favourite documentaries, The True Cost (2015) –  which like this one, also featured Livia Firth and fashion designer Stella McCartney.

Machines Release Dates: August 9th, 2017 (US)…

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3 thoughts on “MACHINES (2017): New Trailer For Documentary About Life & Work In A Gigantic Textile Factory In Gujarat, India…”

  1. Not sure about this one. The trailer looks visually stunning, but that’s part of the issue. Is it trying to be graphically beautiful or “socially conscious” or what? I’m thinking audience issues here. I’d love to see an artsy film about beautiful Indian textiles, but not so much a SJW project. I doubt anyone coming to the film for a social message would object to it being visually beautiful, but would any message be diluted by the imagery, the message getting lost in the kaleidoscope of colors and artfully crafted cinematography? I guess viewing the film might answer these questions. Or maybe no one really cares either way? I’m glad you pointed this one out – another one I haven’t even heard of yet. I’m hoping you will see this one and report back 😉

    1. You have raised some great points here. I’m looking forward to finding out precisely how this will play out and if message dilution becomes a real problem. It may well be if the film makers don’t handle the issues carefully enough. Maybe they have something interesting to say about the people who work in the textile factory and how they themselves view their job and what they produce – inhumane conditions aside. Perhaps even though there’s plenty of suffering, the workers make sure they notice the beauty too, however little there appears to be in comparison.
      Your comment has me excited to find out! 😀 August 9th needs to hurry.

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