KONG – SKULL ISLAND (2017): The Things I Liked…

Kong - Skull Island (2017), Tom Hiddleston.
Kong – Skull Island (2017), Tom Hiddleston

Telling the origin story of King Kong – the giant movie monster that looks like an ape, Kong -Skull Island follows a group of scientists who enter an uncharted island in the Pacific looking for monsters. They do not arrive with peaceful intentions and therefore end up having to fight to escape with their lives.

If you’ve seen at least one previous King Kong movie, then you know that at some point, Kong ends up in New York city against his will. None of that happens in director Jordan Vogt-Roberts’s fun adventure, at least not in this first instalment. What we do get to see resembles something an aggressor might expect to face when they force their way into a person’s home uninvited; a bloody good fight for survival.

I admit that a tear or two escaped my eyes a I watched the movie. Reason being, I’m a sensitive soul and Kong was peacefully minding his business before ‘the bad men came’. In the name of full disclosure, I may have also shed a few tears because of the knowledge that a certain handsome and well-voiced Mr. Tom Hiddleston may probably never, ever, personally escort me to safety through a treacherous jungle… let alone across a busy street.

Besides the good performances by Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson and John C. Reilly – to name just a few, the well choreographed human vs monster and monster vs monster showdowns, the story, special effects, musical score and cinematography all did a great job of keeping me engaged throughout.

Watch Kong – Skull Island because it’s good.

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