THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US (2017): The Things I Liked…

The Mountain Between Us (2017), Kate Winslet
The Mountain Between Us (2017), Kate Winslet

The Mountain Between Us, a story about two strangers whose plane crashes into a remote snow covered mountain is a movie I tuned into to find out if and how the strangers survive. I also just had see Idris Elba and Kate Winslet on screen together.

Directed by Hany Abu-Assad, The Mountain Between Us did enough to keep my attention, especially during the first four fifths of the film. I specify four fifths because the last fifth leading up to the final conclusion moved slower than my impatient self would have liked.

As for the onscreen chemistry between Elba and Winslet, any sparks that flew certainly weren’t bright enough to blind me for a second. As such, I’d say that the chemistry was adequate at best. Perhaps I know too much about the actors to buy their characters fully as a couple. It could also have been the semi- awkward love scene. On the other hand, perhaps the story somehow just didn’t give me all that I needed to believe in the central relationship. Whatever the answer, something was a little off for me.

The Mountain Between Us (2017), Idris Elba
The Mountain Between Us (2017), Idris Elba

If I were to watch The Mountain Between Us again, it’d probably be just a little chunk or two to remind me of Elba and Winslet’s chemistry. A second reason might be the beautiful shots of the snow covered mountain and surrounding landscape. Additionally, I may not have loved the song choice for when the credits started to role (ZAYN – Dusk Till Dawn ft. Sia), but I’ll always  have time for another glimpse of the way Elba’s surgeon character is dressed when we first meet him. Two thumbs up to that look, ALWAYS!

Applause to the film’s costume department aside, the moment that impressed me the most in The Mountain Between Us is actually the inevitable plane crash scene. It just felt so believable to me. More so than most, I think.

Overall, I see Abu-Assad’s movie as an OK film that’s worth seeing if something about it appeals enough. It’s also a movie that forced me to contemplate the benefits of having a dog… someday, probably.

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