AMERICAN ASSASSIN (2017): The Thing I Liked…

American Assassin (2017), Dylan O'Brien
American Assassin (2017), Dylan O’Brien

American Assassin isn’t exactly a terrible movie, it’s just that director Michael Cuesta’s film didn’t have anything particularly new to show me. At least not until the thing that happens on / in the ocean towards the end. That moment definitely had my attention.

Starring Michael Keaton, Sanaa Lathan and Dylan O’Brien, I must admit that I struggled to remain interested during numerous scenes that I felt I’d seen many times before in other better executed action thrillers; The Bourne Identity (2002) being one such film.

Performance-wise, O’Brien didn’t do a bad job. As for Taylor Kitsch though, I can’t say I bought into his character’s anger completely.

Assuming that this movie was shot after the Maze Runner – The Death Cure on-set accident, I was certainly happy to see O’brien looking physically well again. Overall, the story of this movie simply wasn’t new enough for me. At least not new in enough ways to prevent it from feeling tedious.

Watch it if you absolutely must. Otherwise, three words: The Bourne Identity (2002). Two more words:  Casino Royale (2006). Three more words: I joke, I have no more words… at this time.

Happy Film loving.


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