IN THE FADE (2017): The Things I Liked…

In The Fade (2017), Diane Kruger
In The Fade (2017), Diane Kruger

Starring Diane Kruger, Numan Acar and Denis Moschitto, In The Fade is the story of a woman called Katja. Katja is focused on vengeance after her husband and son are murdered in a brutal bomb attack.

Set in Germany, the very beginning of writer / director Fatih Akin’s film is filled with such enviable familial joy, that it’s unsurprising I found myself both empathising with the protagonist’s pain and motivations, as well as missing the deceased, post attack.

It was mostly the promise of a notable performance by Kruger that ensured I watched In The Fade. And Kruger certainly does not disappoint. The most memorable moments for me include the tension-filled scenes in the courtroom because I adore a great courtroom drama. There’s also of course, the footage of Katja’s family before her catalyst for revenge came to be.

The story, editing and all performances kept me engaged and eager to see how it would all end. And I can say that the ending is both surprising and also not, at the same time.

I say watch it for the memorable performance by Kruger, a little insight into the German legal system and a good story with memorable and moving scenes.

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