TAG (2018): The Things I Liked…

Tag (2018), Jeremy Renner
Tag (2018), Jeremy Renner

I must be too sensible for this kind of fun because as I watched director Jeff Tomsic’s male friendship comedy Tag, where former classmates play an elaborate game of tag across the country, I definitely thought it silly for grown / middle aged men to be playing a children’s game. Especially the way it’s played in the movie – often resulting in a notable amount of damage to the immediate surroundings.

My sensible ways aside though, it’s unfortunate that I wasn’t very amused throughout the film and that the only scenes that really had me most engaged were the ones featuring Jeremy Renner’s character Jerry. Particularly when he was playing the game. Renner’s stunt work, athleticism and general onscreen charisma helped make Tag that little bit more watchable.

Also starring Ed Helms, Jake Johnson and Jon Hamm, I probably would have had more fun watching Tag if I’d felt like I knew the characters more before the game commenced. What happened before we meet Renner’s character sadly felt more to me like un-amusing filler. Besides Jerry, my favourite thing about Tag is the way it ends and the music choice just before the credits.

Even though I’m not Tag’s biggest fan, I admit that knowing the film was based on a real life group of friends who played the game for 23 years warms my heart a little. It also has me wondering how the movie may be that little bit different from the whole truth.

Watch it if you’re so curious. Maybe you’ll find it funnier than I did.

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