CREED II (2018): The Things I Liked…

Creed II (2018), Michael B. Jordan, MGM
Creed II (2018), Michael B. Jordan, MGM

Creed II is a movie I watched because I was told it’s worthwhile. It certainly would have been a better experience overall if I were a serious boxing fan. Nevertheless, if like myself you’re just a fan of good movies, that too is enough. Because thanks to the story, dramatic performances and that rather great fight sequence near the end, I had a good time with director Steven Caple Jr.’s film.

Centred around what is arguably the most important fight of Adonis Creed’s life, I enjoyed the emotional journey and overarching tension as Creed grows into the man and the mindset required to get to where he needs to be. I also liked the rather moving moments in and outside of the boxing ring. From the time Creed learns of his opponent, to the required balancing act where his family life is concerned and the intense training in the desert which culminates in the all-important biggest fight of his life.

Regarding the question of whether Creed II is better than Creed, the good news is that they’re both worthy. As such, definitely watch it if you’re into boxing. For everyone else, it’s beautifully shot, particularly the training and fight scenes. Lastly, you will be moved and the cast is great.

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