ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE (2018): The Things I Liked…

Always Be My Maybe (2019), Keanu Reeves, Netflix
Always Be My Maybe (2019), Keanu Reeves, Netflix

Always Be My Maybe, a comedy about childhood sweethearts who reconnect after they fell out fifteen years ago is quite funny and features a handful of moving but not too overly  sentimental scenes. 

As was the case with the trailer, Keanu Reeves entering the frame is one of the best moments for me because, well, it’s Keanu Reeves – but also because his character is funny and the music that plays as he enters the room could not have been more perfect.

The entire cast led by Ali Wong and Randall Park all perform well and the second most memorable moment for me is the lovely speech delivered at the red carpet event near the end.

There are just two things in director Nahnatchka Khan’s film that had me wanting. Firstly, with the exception of the great music that plays when we first meet Reeve’s character, I found a noticeable absence of music in most scenes when compared to other comedy / romance movies. It’s a thing I wished I didn’t notice because it would probably mean I was too busy being fully engrossed in everything happening on screen with the characters. Secondly, this is just my preference when it comes to comedy / romances but, I missed the rhythm, attitude / atmosphere and music that I often enjoy in a J.Lo movie of the same genre. 

Even with all the above said, give Always Be My Maybe a chance because Reeves is fun and you may just like it more than you expect. 

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