THE AFTERMATH (2019) Costume Design – Keira Knightley’s Beautiful Outfits…

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Today’s post is a celebration of my favourite of Keira Knightley’s beautiful outfits in The Aftermath (2019). I just Love the clothes and the glorious way they’re lit and framed. A big hooray for costume designer Bojana Nikitovic!

The Aftermath (2019), Keira Knightley

This green jacket, white blouse and silver brooch look is my absolute favourite.

The Aftermath (2019), Keira Knightley

And once more with a hat.

The Aftermath (2019), Keira Knightley

I’m sure it’s not at all often that cardigans have looked this good. Am I right or am I right? That double red line detail really makes it for me.

The Aftermath (2019), Keira Knightley

I’ve always known that yellow and red were meant to be together. That beautiful hint of blue definitely adds a very nice touch.

The Aftermath (2019), Keira Knightley

Silk / satin and that light. This one doesn’t show much but I know you know the yellow halterneck dress is just stunning.

The Aftermath (2019), Keira Knightley

Classic and classy are the words for the blue coat and white shirt. And who doesn’t want to be in a restaurant as well lit as this one right here.

Do you happen to have a favourite? It’s OK if your answer is ‘all of them’ because that’s kind of my answer too.

Happy Film Loving


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