FALLING INN LOVE (2019): New Trailer Starring Christina Milian, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Adam Demos…

Falling In Love (2019), Christina Milian, Adam Demos, Netflix
Falling In Love (2019), Christina Milian, Adam Demos, Netflix

Read my spoiler-free movie review of Fallin Inn Love (2019)

Christina Milian, Jeffrey Bower-Chapman and Adam Demos are the stars of Fallin Inn Love; a Roger Kumble directed comedy / romance.

Milian plays city girl Gabriela who spontaneously enters a contest and ends up winning a rustic New Zealand inn…

Yes, this trailer reveals plenty but I’m really quite interested because I like Milian and I’m curious about the ‘win an inn’ competition. A part of me kind of wants to enter, but then I remember that renovation isn’t my idea of fun. Turning up to get the keys when it’s all done is.

Hopefully there’ll also be a lot of stunning images of gorgeous, green New Zealand to enjoy.

Did anyone else think that it was actually a snake that fell at 1:59? I sure did. That is until I remembered that Falling Inn Love is set in New Zealand – not Australia. Two very different places when it comes to wildlife and insects.

Daniel Watterson and Lucy Wigmore also star.

Falling Inn Love Release Dates: August 29th, 2019 (Internet)…

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