GIVE ME LIBERTY (2019): The Things I Liked…

Give Me Liberty (2019), Chris Galust, Lauren 'Lolo' Spencer, Image courtesy of Music Box Films
Give Me Liberty (2019), Chris Galust, Lauren ‘Lolo’ Spencer, Image courtesy of Music Box Films

Give Me Liberty is a well acted comedy about medical transport driver, Vic. Vic has clients to pick up including a young woman with ALS, but he finds himself also driving a group of rowdy seniors and a Russian boxer to a funeral; all at the inconvenience of his actual clients.

Director Kirill Mikhanovsky’s film is for me, a comedy / drama about the responsibility and duty of care one has for family. Precisely, trying to balance taking care of family – whatever shape they’re in, working, and when time allows attempting to live one’s own life. What I like about Mikhanovsky’s movie is the way it cleverly captures the dramatic and humorous moments that occur throughout Vic’s eventful day. There’s even a moment where I almost didn’t notice that the film had switched to black and white, probably because of some slick editing and what I was paying very close attention to that time.

One of my favourite stand-out scenes includes the moment Vic’s overbearing mother realises what has ‘happened to the money’ and the way her demeanour changes as she comes to terms with the truth and how to tell her son. I also appreciated the getting to learn about the lives of people I may not necessarily encounter on a daily basis.

Overall, even though I feel that some scenes could have been cut sooner, I don’t regret watching Give Me Liberty. Give it a chance if you’re intrigued. There’s good camera work and humour to be enjoyed.

Happy Film Loving.


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